At some point we all deal with it. Failing.

It can be in anything and some failures are easier to brush off then others. However sometimes when things don’t go as planned you can be left feeling jaded and lost. I’m a terrible one for doubting myself and questioning my abilities even when things go right!

How do you bounce back? Easier said then done I’m afraid. Some will find it easier and you might resent those people for it or admire them? Their is no one answer.

For me I try to look what went wrong and learn from that mistake which isn’t always easy. Then I try to get straight on with another project or shoot something I am good at just to remind myself “see you can do it”

Maybe that won’t work for you? It dosnt always work for me! 

My other advise would be to speak to others. I’m lucky that my wife has a photographers eye and was able to point out where I went wrong. You might not want to hear it and yeah I don’t sometimes either! 

Sorry no pics today just some thoughts 🙂

If this helped anyone great and best of luck with your next project 😉


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