Went to Marwell Zoo today, I’m not a wildlife photographer never really tried to be but I’m happy with these. However when I was walking round taking these pics I couldn’t help but think about the recent hunting scandal with the dentist and such. We all know the story.

1I don’t get it!? The hunting for sport thing. I’m not deluded I understand the need for it in some cultures for food or to keep numbers controlled in areas. I get all that and in these cases as far as I can tell it is done humanly and with great respect to the animals.

But hunting for sport? ok lets think about it, so if you hunt these beasts their must be a level of respect. You want to go up against a dangerous animal? Okay fair enough but its a bit of an unfair advantage that gun and all that. You want to prove yourself go hand to hand, if you come out on top I think people would hate you a little less…………..they would still hate you but probably think twice about saying it to your face.

I want a trophy? A trophy of what!? The second you kill that animal you kill everything about it. When a family member dies do you mount their head on the wall? skin them for a rug? nope you go to memories and pictures, storys and such. Look at the image above, what do you see? I see life, its not mine, its not yours it belongs to that stunning creator and you can’t own it, but you can admire it.

I hope you enjoy the pics.

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At some point we all deal with it. Failing.

It can be in anything and some failures are easier to brush off then others. However sometimes when things don’t go as planned you can be left feeling jaded and lost. I’m a terrible one for doubting myself and questioning my abilities even when things go right!

How do you bounce back? Easier said then done I’m afraid. Some will find it easier and you might resent those people for it or admire them? Their is no one answer.

For me I try to look what went wrong and learn from that mistake which isn’t always easy. Then I try to get straight on with another project or shoot something I am good at just to remind myself “see you can do it”

Maybe that won’t work for you? It dosnt always work for me! 

My other advise would be to speak to others. I’m lucky that my wife has a photographers eye and was able to point out where I went wrong. You might not want to hear it and yeah I don’t sometimes either! 

Sorry no pics today just some thoughts 🙂

If this helped anyone great and best of luck with your next project 😉


I had an Idea……..where did I go wrong?

I had an Idea.

It was in my mind a great idea, it would move me ahead in my creative work.

The light was great, the model perfect. Location was pretty spot on.

Yet I didn’t get the pictures I wanted, Luckily for me hindsight is a wonderful thing and I know exactly where I went wrong. Will I try the shoot again? Yes but when is a tricky subject.

Below is some images of the stunning Hollye I took after the shoot so at least I have something to show you.edit1


I had an Idea……..where did I go wrong?



Started using light room to edit pictures instead of just photoshop. Above is the image as taken in camera. Below edited with light room and photoshop.


To be honest I don’t feel the first image needed editing but practice makes perfect and I was pleased with the results.

Hope you enjoy.



I’ve had this shoot planned for some time but been waiting for opportunity, model, ability all kinds of things. An incredible artist named Danny Richardson recently produced some stunning images using water and it brought this idea back into mind. I tried to steer away from doing exactly the same as Dan but definably need to credit him for the inspiration. Click his name and check out his work.


Shooting water was a lot easier then I thought and the light came into a life of its own!


I did learn that you really need to plan shoots and I mean really plan! if you have a specific idea that requires a particulate piece get it or source it yourself because winging it will lead to disappointment and frustration.


All in all I enjoyed this shoot and learnt a few new tricks. Enjoy the rest below.

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Lights, camera and more lights

Light is a photographers bread and butter. It’s a skill to get the right kind of light for the picture you are trying to capture.

I’m use to working with one light light below and it can give some great dramatic feeling to your image.


Below I’ve used a fill light, the idea is that your fill light is less powerful then your main as to give shadow but reveal detail.


I’m still practising this but wanted to show you my progression.

Below is a little edit I knocked up.

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Lights, camera and more lights